Digital technology is revolutionizing the field of dentistry and is dramatically improving patient experiences and quality of care received at the St. Louis Dental Center. Not only do our patients receive dental treatment that is much more comfortable, but is also faster with better results. Digital dentistry features intraoral scanning for crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, diagnostics, and much more. For patients, scanning within the mouth is much more comfortable compared to conventional impressions, and it expedites treatment in partnership with dental laboratories and allows for same-day restorations. Cone Beam CT are three-dimensional x-rays that help view, measure, diagnose, and treat complex surgical procedures, such as implants, pathologies, etc. Why is digital dentistry best for our patients?
  • It's much more comfortable and pain free. Patients are thrilled to find out they'll no longer have to experience conventional impression processes.
  • It's faster. Not only is scanning the mouth more comfortable, it's also much faster. It allows for shorter appointments, faster turnaround times, and in some cases, even same-day results!
  • It's more accurate. The dentist has immediate access to magnified images of our patient's mouth, which allows for immediate confirmation of accuracy and quality, thereby reducing errors, remakes, and repeat appointments.
It's an opportunity for seamless collaboration. Since patient scans are digital files, it allows for faster sharing and deeper collaboration between specialists, which in turn provides better patient outcomes.